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Horter Farm & Ranch Supply is a local store located in Bristol, South Dakota. Servicing the Greater Midwest and Canada, we provide high-quality farming and ranching supplies. We're also home to the Rock Block, an aftermarket bolt-on kit that prevents rocks and debris from breaking your windows.

Welcome To Horter's Farm & Ranch Supply

Your go-to place for everything you need for farming and ranching, right here in the Midwest.

Horter's offers lots of products like cattle corrals, oils, fences, hay supplies, and feed. Plus, we've got something special called the Rock Block, invented right here by our founder, John Horter.

Horter Farm & Ranch Supply is more than just a store. We're a family-owned business, and we've been working the land just like you for generations. We're here to give you quality products to help your farm or ranch do its best. Our customers know we understand them and we work to make farming and ranching better for everyone. Come see us at Horter Farm & Ranch Supply. We're here to help you grow, keep your operations running smoothly, and make sure you're safe while doing it.

The Horter Family

The Rock Block Origin Story

About a decade ago, I purchased my first disc-style cutter despite hesitations due to tales of window breakage on tractors. Unimpressed with available options, I embarked on designing my own, utilizing rubber flaps suspended from a framework, eventually perfecting a design that prioritizes ease of installation and serviceability, with larger kits featuring curtains that hinge for easy access. These kits, often cheaper than window replacements, aim to minimize downtime and enhance operator safety. My motivation stemmed from a frightening incident involving my son and a shattered tractor window, leading to the development of mower kits, now among our top-selling products. Customer satisfaction drives our commitment to continuous improvement, with our simple, factory-like designs garnering praise for their effectiveness and unobtrusiveness.